13th December 2023

GoSafe with ESI is now open to receive expressions of interest in Croatia, Slovakia and Greece!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Energy Savings Insurance (ESI), in Croatia, Greece, and Slovakia, marking a significant step towards accelerating the transition to energy efficiency in these countries. This innovative business model aims to facilitate the acquisition of energy-efficient equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by leveraging several elements that complement an insurance product. The GoSafe with ESI solution is brought to you by the ESI Europe 2.0 project, facilitated by the BASE Foundation, the Croatian Society for Sustainable Development Design (DOOR), the Greek Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES), the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) with support from the European Union.


What is the ESI model?


The Energy Savings Insurance enables businesses willing to install energy-efficient technologies to de-risk this investment by guaranteeing the energy savings high-performing appliances procure, hence securing their expected financial returns. ESI can achieve this by combining a set of financial and non-financial elements, comprising a standardised contract, an insurance product, a technical validation process, and access to financing through local partnering banks.


By incorporating the GoSafe with ESI solution into their offerings, technology providers can largely differentiate their services, tackle the perceived mistrust in energy efficient technologies and hence appeal to a broader clientele. The ESI model not only enhances the attractiveness of energy-efficient investments but also simplifies negotiations through a standardised contract and proven methodologies.


After successful implementation in multiple countries of Latin America, it has now been tailored to the local markets of Croatia, Greece, and Slovakia.


Who can benefit from ESI?


The ESI is a business model for SMEs that wish to significantly enhance productivity while lowering energy costs. It can be applied to various technologies from lighting to refrigeration systems, as well as HVAC equipment and solar PV. You can find the different solutions it can cover on the GoSafe with ESI solution’s page.


By incorporating energy-efficient technologies, SMEs can also lead the way in decarbonising their activities and ensure compliance with current or upcoming climate objectives and regulations. 


The model has also been designed to constitute an excellent solution for providers of energy-efficient technologies that strive to stand out from their competitors while increasing sales. With the ESI model, they can provide their clients with trust and security, enabling them to expand their customer base.


Why is ESI important at the country scale?


On top of presenting a unique opportunity for SMEs to lower their energy costs (OPEX) and for providers to further deploy their solutions, ESI holds tremendous potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions where it is implemented as it tackles key barriers preventing the adoption of energy-efficiency systems. Decarbonising SMEs represents a critical opportunity to mitigate climate change as they account for 13 percent of total energy consumption on average in the European Union. Greek, Croatian and Slovakian SMEs have some of the highest energy intensity ratios of the continent, which stands above 1200 MWh/mn€ (for comparison, in Portugal this ratio stands below 400 MWh/mn€). 


But improving efficiency and clean energy access for this category of businesses is also crucial to build the resilience of the local economies and households as SMEs generate more than half of EU countries’ value-added and employ on average 65 percent (up to 70 percent in Greece) of their workforce. 


Finally, energy efficiency can deliver tremendous savings for businesses and households, estimated at USD 680 billion in 2022 globally, constituting a major solution to better resist energy price raises.


Wish to adopt ESI? Join us now!


This is a unique opportunity for SMEs and technology providers in Croatia, Greece, and Slovakia to benefit from the untapped potential of the ESI model. 


We invite interested parties to express their interest in participating in this exceptional opportunity for cost-effectiveness and business growth. Whether you are an SME looking to acquire energy-efficient equipment or a technology provider interested in integrating the ESI model into your solutions, we welcome your expressions of interest.


To contact us: https://gosafe-esi.com/contact/

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